Black Friday Sale - Available Limited Time!

Black Friday is all about cheap prices and finding those amazing deals, right? Well, we have got you covered! With this limited-time sale offer, you won't have to fear missing this year's Black Friday Specials! Invest in this and triple your money!

Lima M9 for 599.99€


Lima M9, 1500W motor, 20Ah battery with 50km range, EEC&COC certifications (L1e), and the list just keeps on going. These babies sell at 2K€-ish in Europe, but don't take our word for it, Google it. And while you're at it, read the reviews. Basically, all reviews are positive! Europeans just love this moped!

Offer valid for orders made and paid before Black Friday (Nov 24th 2023)! Price FOB, MOQ 26pcs. Triple your investment or sell these at Europe's cheapest price, the choice is yours!

Oh, by the way, we are a European company. We deliver what we promise.


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